A liar a deceiver, a phony and a fake, all of these are concepts that identify your name. Your sneaky and your witty, your stupid and your wrong , you pushed a way the only one who cared for you at all. You think you got it covered , your feelings an your life, but one day youll wake up,you’ll be lonley with no wife. All you’ll have is niggas, yo “brothers” and yo crew, but no one who will love you, and treat you as I do . One day you’ll regret it, and realize that your wrong , one day you’ll be sorry, and reminisce it all.

Wrote it myself

Tonight’s the night I’ll cut my wrist, tonight’s the night I won’t exsist, I’ll take a blade I’ll end my life I’ll make you happy, I’ll end this life. This life of pain, this life of struggle , this life In trauma this life of trouble, I’ll down the pills, I’ll hold my breathe, I’ll weep in sorrow of what is left, I’ll close my eyes I’ll hold my breathe, tonight’s the night I’ll meet my death. My heart is racing, my fingers pacing, my thoughts and ponders continue spacing , no turning back, no next time life, this is the end , this is the night . Pain to strong , strength to weak, she couldn’t take it, she couldn’t speak. Her eyes got heavy, her heart gave out , a lifeless body is all that’s left. Her parents cried , friends traumatized , love of her life is stuck in time. He can’t accept it, no one expected, that broken girl would really end it.